We work on projects with all client types from homeowners to government agencies.  Specific collaborations have included architects, engineers, corporations, non-profits, and community groups. Our diverse array of knowledge and experience enable us to tackle complex and challenging problems in the landscape.

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master planning

Developing frameworks that synergize complex social and environmental action

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site design

Creating beautiful landscapes that reveal ecological connections

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shoreline gardens

Offering beautiful planting alternatives that serve to filter runoff prior to it entering water bodies

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urban meadows

Hyper-floral plant communities that are beautiful, low-input, and support diverse wildlife


stormwater design

Thoughtful use of water as the core element of sustainable landscapes

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green roofs

Creating living spaces on architectural surfaces


analysis and mapping

Drone flights and cartography for a wide range of sites with 3D and virtual reality modeling

association landscapes

Long-term planning and design for large-scale residential communities and organizations


horticultural consulting

Providing knowledge that generates performanced-based planting systems