Yocum House masterplan.jpg


Location: Stillwater, MN
Architect: CityDesk Studio

The design of the home is inspired by the clean lines and traditions of Scandinavian architecture.  Primarily natural materials such as pine and oak harvested from the site were locally milled and used throughout the home.  All of the home's materials are fashioned in a clean and pure manner.  This purity in material was extended to the landscape.  Given the home's natural setting, a subtle transition of material and form creates an even gradient from the sociable areas to the greater wilds.  This even transition manifests in the detailing of paving, water management strategies, and the planting scheme.  A stone cascade constructed of found limestone creates an ephemeral water feature, stitched into the steep hillside beside the home.  A menagerie of gardens, meadows, and woodland plantings respond to the varying microclimatic conditions and create a soft, natural setting. 

Site Construction. June 2017

Site Construction. June 2017